Web Portal

Gives users the ability to access the full power of their phone features and much more in a user-friendly way.


Provides web access to:

  • Phone features
  • Directory
  • Call Log
  • Call Screening
  • Find Me
  • Sim Ring
  • Speed Dials
  • Phone Setup, Conferencing

Works with most any browser

Controls your physical phone:

  • IP
  • Analog
  • WiFi
  • Remote PSTN

Dynamically displays only active subscriber features based on user service profile

Language selectable on a per-user basis, either single language or dual language such as English/Spanish


Call Screening / Find Me

MicroV Web Portal provides multiple ways for callers to “find” them:

  • Default treatment for all calls
  • Call Screening from Web Portal, which can be activated based on incoming Caller ID and time of day actions
  • Find Me from Web Portal, based on incoming Caller ID route to one of many lists

Route all or certain calls:

  • Call Block
  • Virtual Ring
  • Priority Call
  • Urgent Call
  • Forward to Number
  • Forward to VM
  • Forward on Busy
  • Forward on No Answer
  • Selective Call Forward
  • Find Me
  • Ringback Tone

Find Me List with Multiple Entries

Find Me can be:

  • Sim Ring on Incoming
  • Ring All / No Answer
  • Sequential / No Answer

Each entry can be set to:

  • No Challenge
  • Challenge with Password
  • Challenge with *

Advanced VoiceMail

MicroV Voice Mail can serve as VM/UM for:

  • IP Endpoints (SIP, MGCP or SCCP)
  • Recorded Name
  • Mobile Phones (using SMPP)
  • General Delivery
  • Class 5 Switches (SIP) Full Featured Voice Mail
  • Broadcast Messages
  • Telephone Access
  • Call Sender
  • Web Access
  • Playback Controls
  • Smartphone/PDA Access
  • Compose Message
  • Email Access
  • Forwarding
  • Remote Notification
  • Distribution Lists
  • Mailbox Sharing
  • TOD/DOW Routing
  • Custom Operator
  • Visual Voice Mail
  • Multiple Greetings
  • Mailbox Full Alerts

Visual Voicemail

Voicemail functionality is integrated with web portal

  • Listen, save, delete, forward voicemails
  • Set notification functions
  • Create, delete, edit personal distribution groups
  • Change password
  • See voicemail characteristics

Priority, name, phone number, time received, length of voicemail and options

  • Mailbox full alert
  • Custom Operator designation

Call Jump Gives Users Control of Active Calls

Sample Customer with Four Communications Devices

  • Singular Cellular Phone (214-215-0682)
  • Verizon Home Phone (214-336-9536)
  • GENBAND VoIP Phone (913-484-2877)
  • Nortel Office Phone (214-293-6265)

Build a Broadcast & Jump List

Build the List Online or over the phone



Meet-Me Conferencing

Route all or certain calls:

  • Schedule Recurring Conferences
  • Email Notifications to participants
  • Floor Control for Moderator & Guests
  • Find Conferences
  • Modify conference parameters
  • Click to join audio bridge
  • Guest Controls
    • #8 Raise Hand
    • #9 Lower Hand
    • #2 Music Disable
  • Outlook iCalendar Integration
  • Moderator Controls
  • *2 Roll Call
    *3 Add more ports
    *5 Mute/Un-mute Conference
    *6 Add more minutes to conference
    *7 Terminate conference
    #8 Raise Hand
    #9 Lower Hand
    #2 Music Disable

Microsoft Outlook Integration

Integration with Microsoft® Office Outlook® or other PC programs:

  • Import from Outlook or any .csv file to Corporate Directory as Administrator

  • Import from Outlook or any .csv file to Personal Directory as a User
  • Export from Web Portal Corporate or Personal Directory to a .csv file
  • Dial from Outlook, via the M6 TAPI Service Provider enabler
  • Notify guests of Conferences by email from the Meet-Me Conferencing Web

Portal interface, via the user’s default email program

  • Outlook Calendar Integration using iCalendar
  • From Personal Directory send Email using default email application
  • Voice Mail forwarding to email via Portal
  • Voice Mail Unified Messaging Enabled / Disabled by User via Portal

All are based upon industry standards to allow non-Microsoft customers to also use the above (Lotus Notes, etc.)