About MicroV

MicroV Teechnologies Inc. (The Voice of the Internet) is a service provider of Voice-Over-Ip telephone service & Hardware for both Business and Residential needs. We believe in connecting directly with our customers to deliver the highest quality custom setups, network design , personalable customer service and technical help. We make it easy to transitition from old legacy phone system to the state of the art Hosted solution that Microv has to offer. With our wide range of phone equipment and analog gateways. We give our customers more to choose from. This is what makes us better then the competition.

Enhance The Way You Communicate

When a business needs a new phone system or to upgrade its current one, it has several options. Hosted IP PBX is becoming increasingly popular because it provides the latest in features, support, and flexibility, while cutting costs and freeing IT staff to focus on other tasks. It is an alternative to premise-based PBX or legacy key systems, delivering business-grade calling features and integrating multiple services over a single network connection. Not only does a hosted service minimize costly hardware expenses, but it also takes most of the labor out of maintaining and upgrading a phone system.

MicroV is a hosted IP PBX provider, including products sets to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes small and large.

Some of the features include:

  • Unlimited Domestic Local & Long Distance including Canada
  • Connect multiple offices together worldwide
  • Take the phone home or when you travel (rings like you in the office)
  • Enhanced Voicemail
  • Caller ID With Name & Number
  • Call Forwarding
  • Unified Messaging
  • Have your voicemail Forwarded to you PDA
  • Music on Hold
  • Call Accounting on every phone
  • Fast Ethernet Internet Service

These are only a few features and reasons to give MicroV a call. We provide your company with the opportunity to have the best technology out there while providing you with all the features businesses need to improve their communications and enhance productivity.

Providing the richest business, residential & mobile feature set allowing wire-line/wireless operators and partners to package and deploy revenue generating, advanced calling services, applications and productivity tools.

  • Supports a practically unlimited number of geographically unrestricted customer groups with their own secure configurations
  • Features fully integrated voice mail, conferencing, and session border control allowing plug and play deployment
  • Increases user productivity with market-leading voice and multimedia features ranging from basic dial tone to enhanced desktop and mobile applications
  • Performs with the highest reliability and scalability to ensure carrier-grade deployments
  • Enables residential and hosted PBX VoIP services with a superior range of telephony features, from basic dial tone and softphones to advanced integrated services that improve productivity, such as conferencing, call jump for active calls between handsets and unified messaging.
  • Allows mobile subscribers using the M6 mobile portal to access their voicemail, call logs, conferencing, call screening entries, click-to-call functions and other services conveniently through their phone’s mobile